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React Tips

Render with condition (if)

Use this template, or see this issue Discuss Conditional JSX Expression.
{condition ?
: null}


Remember that the key only has to be unique among its siblings, not globally unique.

User action to callback props in pure components

<button key={entry} onClick={() => this.props.vote(entry)}>
This is generally how we'll manage user input and actions with pure components: The components don't try to do much about those actions themselves. They merely invoke callback props.


  • The big idea of react-redux is to take our pure components and wire them up into a Redux Store by doing two things:
    • Mapping the Store state into component input props.
    • Mapping actions into component output callback props.
  • Designing a Redux app often begins by thinking about the application state data structure. This is what describes what's going on in your application at any given time.
  • In Redux, the application state is all stored in one single tree structure.
  • Think about the application state in isolation from the application's behavior
  • It is generally a good idea in these state transformation functions to always morph the old state into the new one instead of building the new state completely from scratch.
  • It's becomes the job of our reducer to pick apart the state so that it gives only the relevant part to the function. The main reducer function only hands parts of the state to lower-level reducer functions. We separate the job of finding the right location in the state tree from applying the update to that location.


  • Store stores your application state over time, a single tree
  • store.getState()
  • you can dispatch actions to it store.dispatch({type: 'NEXT'});
  • It's created with reducer: const store = createStore(reducer);


  • it's just JS object
  • { type: INCREASE_COUNTER }
  • Action will be available as props only if you do bindActionCreators. See connect.


connect function will do: 1. map state in store (there is only one app state) to component props 2. make action functions as available as component props
// Map the app state (in store) to props
function mapStateToProps(state) {
return {
allChannels: state.loadedFile.channels,
channelTypes: state.loadedFile.channelTypes
// Map dispatch so that actions are available as props
// So let's say you have a selectChannel action function, you can
// just call this.props.selectChannel to dispatch the action
function mapDispatchToProps(dispatch) {
return bindActionCreators(actions, dispatch);
export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(YOUR_COMPONENT);


  • morph state to another state
  • store calls it and updates itself with the result
  • Reducer gets which part of state?
    • Depending on the key in the combinedReducers
    • See here and here
      const reducer = combineReducers({
      a: doSomethingWithA, // will pass state.a to that reducer function
      b: processB, // will pass state.b to the reducer function
      c: c
  • Don't forget to have reducer for every key in your store, otherwise you'll see error: 'Unexpected keys':
    const rootReducer = combineReducers({
    counter, // you have a corresponding reducer function with the same name
    b, // you have a corresponding reducer function with the same name
    c: (state=[], action) => state // you don't have the reducer function yet you have the key 'c' in your store tree

When will React refresh?

React: if I just update a part of itwizm, why it won't refresh? Is it because it's not component, or is it because it's not immutable?
If the props of a component are all immutable values, and the props keep pointing to the same values between renders, there can be no reason to re-render the component, and it can be skipped completely!
That means we'll just need to render props. Check test/components/Voting_spec.jsx It's REPLACING the props, not just change something inside of the props.

How to handle temp state and redirect?


Q:If it's all functional and immutable, do I create helper methods for things like hasError(), or store the computed data in store? A: One way to do is create a class being a wrapper of a immutable instance.
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