10x Developer



  • Jump to word: ALT+arrow
  • Zoom in quick look: hold down ALT/Option (it seems you can zoom by guesture on El Capitan)
  • ALT+SPACE to launch spotlight in spotlight settings
  • screen capture:
    • 全屏截图 command + shift + 3;
    • 自由截图 command + shift + 4;
    • 窗口截图 command + shift + 4 =>空格健=>鼠标左键
  • Paste without format: CMD+SHIFT+V
  • 切换一个应用的不同窗口是 Command + `
  • 需要多次切换的程序可按住cnd+tab不放手,然后使用触摸板点击。
Less common:
  • cmd + up 上一级文件夹(win里的退格键)
  • cmd + down 打开当前选中的文件/夹(win里的回车)
  • How to Access Menu like "ALT" in windows? Ctrl+F2, then you can type and hit enter.
Mac support emac hotkey for moving cursors (https://jblevins.org/log/kbd):
  • Control-F 光标前进一个字符,相当于右键(F = Forward)
  • Control-B 光标后退一个字符,相当于左键(B = Backward)
  • Control-P 上移一行,相当于上键(P = Previous)
  • Control-N 下移一行,相当于下键(N = Next)
  • Control-A 移动到一行的开头(A = Ahead)
    • Control-Shift-A 选中从光标开始,到一行开头的所有文字
  • Control-E 移动到一行的结尾(E = End
    • Control-Shift-E 选中从光标开始,到一行结尾的所有文字
  • Control-H 删除光标前面的字符
  • Control-D 删除光标后面的字符
  • Control-K 删除从光标开始,到一行结尾的所有字符
  • history go back: CMD + [
Remap keys for HHKB:

OS Settings

  • Edit toolbar to have: new folder, delete, and info
  • Show file path at the bottom of finder window: 'View -> Show Path bar'
  • show hidden files
    1. 1.
      defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES
    2. 2.
      Restart finder: hold the ‘Option/alt’ key, then right click on the Finder icon in the dock and click Relaunch.
  • Open current folder in terminal: iterm2 has it or customize it from 'System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services'. Look for "New Terminal at Folder" and "New Terminal Tab at Folder". You can also assign them shortcut keys.'
System Preferences:
  • Enable touchpad tap to click:System Preferences > Trackpad,Point & Click: check Tap to click
  • Spotlight shortcut: OPTION+SPACE (so that I can use CMD+SPACE for IME)
  • How to enable keyboard access for "Don't save" on Mac? "Enable System Preferences > Keyboard -> Shortcuts: check All controls then you can use SPACE to choose file dialog..."


  • Chrome
  • Chrome Canary / Firefox / Edge
  • VS Code
    • extensions are sync via Github, turn on sync in vs code
    • install command line tool so we can do code .
  • VSCode insider
  • MacVim
  • iTerm and import profile from my dot files repo
  • oh my zsh and import zshrc from my dot files repo
  • brew and brew install tree
  • git: git --version then git config --global --edit
  • ssh setup
  • nvm and nvm install --lts (install lts version)
  • dropbox
System Tools
  • Windows management tool: Rectangle brew install --cask rectangle
    • crate new profile: 'HHKB'
    • remap the build-in keyboard:
      • backslash -> delete_or_backspace
      • caps_lock -> left_control
      • delete_or_backspace -> backslash \
Design Tools:
  • Figma (or Sketch)
  • LucidChart (or Xmind)