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CLI command line tool

How to create a package that can be used as cli (and package)?

Folder Structure

"files": [
"main": "./dist/index.js",
"bin": {
"my-cli": "./bin/my-cli"
  • So the flow is:
    • We tell package the bin file is in the bin folder
    • The bin file invokes the actual script in dist folder
    • We develop the script in lib folder and babel the source ('prepublish') to dist folder
    • To test locally on dev machine
      npm link
      # then start using the cli version
    • To publish internally, do
      npm version minor # update version
      npm pack # this will create the abc-1.0.0.tgz file
      # to install and use
      npm install -g abc-1.0.0.tgz

Useful Libs